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Imlitex UAB which offers energy products under „Imlitex Energy“ brand, started operating as an independent natural gas supplier in Lithuania. Representatives of the company believes, that competition will decrease prices in the market.
We were not able to get involved in natural gas trading activities until „Lietuvos dujų tiekimas“ (LDT) was able to offer lower price due to received compensation, when Lithuania won the case in Stockholm arbitration against „Gazprom“, – according to Dominykas Kryževičius, Head of Imlitex natural gas trading department. – There was no logical reasons for other companies to take up natural gas trading in that period. In Lithuania we started natural gas trading this year, before we operated in Estonia and Latvia mainly.“
Imlitex offers integrated natural gas supply services portfolio for end customers in Baltic States: supply, distribution and transmission.
„Though sources are limited, there are many ways of natural gas supply, – says Mr. Kryževičius. – Liquefied natural gas, for instance, can be regasified and stored in Incukalns, Latvia, which allows to amortize seasonal changes in the market.“
Imlitex has ambitions to increase natural gas trading volumes until the company becomes able to purchase several LNG cargoes per year.

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