Please send all your questions to gas@imlitex.lt.
If you want to get our natural gas supply offer please send the following information:
• Company name
• Contact details
• Estimated monthly consumption for the required period (MWh).

When a contract is concluded with a new supplier, the client has to inform the former supplier and provide the natural gas consumption data of the latest month. The new supplier informs the distribution system operator (AB “ESO”) about the commencement of the natural gas supply to a new customer. We emphasize that the DSO must be informed no later than 3 weeks before the commencement of the first supply month which means that the contract must be concluded until that time. A client is able to change a supplier for free.

1. Natural gas supply price;
2. Natural gas transmission services:

  • Transmission capacity;
  • Consumption capacity;
  • Variable tariff for the transmitted quantity;

3. Supply security charge;
4. Distribution tariff;
5. Excise.

Payment terms are determined in the natural gas supply agreement and an invoice for the respective supply month is issued according to quantities provided by the DSO.

No. We are responsible for the whole natural gas supply process and client has to sign only one agreement with natural gas supplier which will include other costs for transmission and distribution services.