IMLITEX enters Estonia

IMLITEX HOLDINGS Group has established a subsidiary in Estonia – IMLITEX EESTI, OU. One of the main planned activities is the supply of electricity to companies operating in Estonia. IMLITEX EESTI intends to launch official trade in electricity in Autumn 2017

In addition to ordinary electricity, IMLITEX EESTI will also offer to purchase renewable electricity from renewable energy sources. Green energy consumers will be presented with certificates confirming the responsible attitude of the company towards environmental protection.

IMLITEX HOLDINGS subsidiaries – IMLITEX, UAB and IMLITEX LATVIJA, SIA. – currently serve and consult more than 1000 business clients in Lithuania and Latvia.

Besides electricity, IMLITEX HOLDINGS Group also supplies more than 2000 raw products to various industries: chemicals, plastics, energy, textiles, agriculture, food, and more. It is the most diversified raw material supply group in Eastern Europe, uniting several dozens of companies in Lithuania and other European countries.


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