GIPL is a natural gas infrastructure that will connect Polish and Lithuanian as well as Baltic and Finnish natural gas transmission systems with the the European Union (EU) system.

GIPL project will make a significant contribution to ensuring EU energy security. When the pipeline is constructed, new capacities will be created allowing to transport gas up to 27 TWh a year to Baltic States and up to 22 TWh a year to Poland, making the gas market of Baltic States a part of common EU gas market.

2019 Q2 is provisioned as a start of pipeline construction works in the territory of Lithuania, after international tender is over. GIPL pipeline is planned to be completed and put into operation in December 2021. The approximate projected length of the pipeline is around 500 km, while 165 km running in the territory of Lithuania.

The project is carried out by Lithuania’s and Poland’s natural gas transmission system operators Amber Grid and GAZ-SYSTEM. The European Commission has recognized the GIPL project as a major infrastructure gas supply security project contributing significantly to the EU’s energy security.